About the Compucolor II Emulator

This emulator is written in javascript, and makes use of some fairly modern browser features, namely canvas support and the FileReader API. If your browser doesn't support those features, the emulator may lose features or might not work at all.

This emulator is my first javascript program, and it leans heavily on the work and encouragement of others.

Version 2021.03.16

The web version of the emulator recently has been unable to run with disk images from the vmedia.html page, due to a tightening of the webhost's security policy. There was no actual security risk (on the server, not of the user's computer) but I've tweaked the way the path to the virtual disk image is communicated via the URL to avoid the error.

Version 2019.08.10

Thanks to Dr. Gergő Érdi, the TMS 5501 emulation is a bit more accurate. Not all registers are readable, and the timers are one-shot, not periodic. This is the first pull request I've had in the six years the emulator has been online. Thank you Dr. Érdi.

Version 2014.09.01

In short, there are no functional differences.

Version 2014.03.03

Version 2014.02.14

This release benefited greatly from Garry Epps' massive help in spotting modeling problems, reverse engineering some misbehaving programs, and writing incisive test programs.

Version 2013.12.01

Version 2013.11.16

Version 2013.04.21

Version 2013.03.30