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                        MASTERMIND II


        Selection Menu :-

0 - Instructions.

        HUMAN V HUMAN (Alternate play for 2 to 6 players).


1 - Computer picks code and responds to guesses.

2 - Human picks code and responds to guesses.

3 - Human stores code for quick accurate computer responses.

        HUMAN V COMPUTER (one on one).


4 - Human guesses Computer's hidden code.

5 - Computer guesses Human's hidden code.

6 - Alternate play of Mode 4 & Mode 5.



8 -         EXIT TO MENU


        Mastermind II is a game of logic and a battle of wits.
A standard mastermind game will have a 4 position code of 6
possible colours. One player as codemaker picks and arranges 4
of the 6 available colours into any desired order. It then
becomes the task of the other player as codebreaker to guess
the secret code. Each time the codebreaker makes a guess, the
codemaker responds by informing how many colours are in the
correct position and how many other colours are right but in
the wrong place. The codebreaker uses these clues and
continues to make guesses until the proper colours are in the
exact order to match the secret code.

        For example, assume the codemaker selects a secret
code of 4 positions as follows:- RED  GREEN  BLUE  MAGENTA.

The codebreaker then makes a guess by pressing the colour
keys. Possibly a choice as follows:- GREEN  BLACK  YELLOW 
MAGENTA....:O. The codemaker responds to the guesses with
symbols (: $ O). When the ? appears, press (1) for one diamond
and (1) for one O. The symbol : indicates a correct colour in
the right place in the response to the (MAGENTA). The symbol O
indicates a correct colour but in the wrong place in response
to the (GREEN). Note- A single colour may be used more than
once in the same hidden code such that: RED  RED  RED  WHITE 
is a legal code.

        Mastermine II is unique in that it has a scoring
system which is based on time and number of guesses. The
object is to keep your score as low as possible. The more time
used the higher your score. The more guesses used also
increases the total.

        If I know the code and you want to peek, press the UP
ARROW key and I'll help you !!! If you wish to change your
guess press the LEFT ARROW. Other instructions will be
provided as required.

        At the completion of a turn, operation of the HOME
KEY will 'Quit' the game and return you to the selection table.