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                    GRAPHIC PLOT PROGRAM.


        INSTRUCTIONS.=============== By Stephen Jones.

        There are three modes:-   CHARACTER MODE

                                  GRAPHICS  MODE

                                  COMMAND   MODE



        TAB        Enter Graphics Mode.

        AUTO       Enter Command Mode.

        CONTROL F  Delete Char to left of cursor, text

                   moves left.

        INS CHAR   Inserts a space, text moves right.

        INS LINE   Inserts a line above cursor, text

                   moves down.

        DEL LINE   Deletes line above cursor, text

                   moves up.

        HOME       Followed by ARROW, HOME, or INS CHAR

                   makes cursor move in that direction

                   after character is typed.

        CONTROL X  Enters the character mode from anywhere.

        All other keys operate normally.




        BLINK ON        Blink on.

        TAB             Enter character mode.

        AUTO            Enter command mode.

        5, HOME,        Invert dot mode.

            or SPACE      "

        1 to 4, 6 to 9  Move cursor in that direction.

        ARROWS            "    "     "   "     "

        F               Invert number direction follow flag.

        O               SELECT/DRAW outline.

        SHIFT/O         SELECT/INVERT outline.

        B               SELECT/DRAW block.

        SHIFT/B         SELECT/INVERT block.

        E               ABORT BLOCK/OUTLINE or select last

                        block/outline again.

        L               SELECT/DRAW line.

        SHIFT/L         SELECT/INVERT line.

        D, or SHIFT D   SELECT/DELETE line.

        ERASE LINE      ABORT line or select last line again.

        P to W          SET BG colour.

        CONTROL P-W     SET FG colour.

        Selecting a line or block outline can be done by many



        COMMAND MODE:-


                      Press RETURN after these commands,

        LI        List function keys.

        ER        Erase page.

        EX        Return to caller mode.

        DF        Define function keys F0 - F15.

        SV        File-save screen.

        LD        File-load screen.

        CS        File-save screen compacted.

        CL        File-load screen compacted.

        SF        File-save function keys.

        LF        File-load function keys.

        IN        List the instructions.

        BY        EXIT plot program.


                     These are defined by DF, when a function

        key is pressed the string replaces keyboard input.

        SHIFT/CONTROL @ and SHIFT/CONTROL chars A to O may be

        used to replace the function keys F0 to F15.

        When defining a function key, press CONTROL/B to

        complete the definition. Function keys may be nested.