– Virtual Media

----- disk label ----

1. Demonstration Program.  Offers sample displays and describes
Compucolor II features.
2. Concentration.  A game for two players derived from the TV
game show.
3. One-Armed Bandit.  The popular gambling game.  Test your
luck against the Compucolor II slot machine.
4. Biorhythms.  For true believers, or just for fun.  Charts
critical days and curves of your emotional, physical, and
mental ups and downs.
5. Loan Schedule.  Knowing three of the following: principle,
interest, number of payments, and amount of payments,
program calculates the fourth.
6. Diagnostics.  Provides a complete memory test for the
Compucolor II.

----- disk directory ----

Warning: free space fills past the end of disk
The disk directory seems to have problems; try 'check' to diagnose it.
Attempting directory listing anyway...
Volume Name: SAMPLER
Volume Directory Blocks: 6

 03 BIORHY.BAS;01 0006 0017 3C  829A 8DD6
 03 DEMO  .BAS;01 001D 002C 7A  829A 9894
 03 PCARDS.BAS;01 0049 001C 40  829A 905A
 03 BANDIT.BAS;01 0065 0028 3A  829A 9654
 03 LOAN  .BAS;01 008D 0018 78  829A 8E92
 03 MEMTST.BAS;01 00A5 0002 7A  829A 8394
 03 CONCEN.BAS;01 00A7 001A 2D  829A 8F47
 03 COPY  .PRG;01 00C1 0004 49  829A 829F
 03 MENU  .BAS;01 00C5 0009 0E  829A 86A8
 03 METRIC.BAS;01 00CE 0014 6F  829A 8C89
 01 <FREE SPACE>  00E2 0194