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Statistics III. (16K) 993003
FILES: A file manager program that generates, maintains, and
displays files for use by the other programs.
TIMSER: Performs trend regression, deseasonalization or other
cyclic adjustments and smoothing of a time series.
INDEX: Computes eight types of index numbers for several sets
of data.  Any of the data sets may be used as data
for the base period, and periods may be individually
compares to the base period.
CMPTIM: Computes variation within or between pairs of time
series for a set of time series input.
RANK: This program performs a rank analysis on pairs of data
series using the Mann-Whitney test and also computes
rank correlation.

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Volume Name: S31179
Volume Directory Blocks: 6

 03 MENU  .BAS;01 0006 0005 2F  829A 84C9
 03 FILES .BAS;01 000B 001D 7D  829A 9117
 03 TIMSER.BAS;01 0028 0036 66  829A 9D80
 03 INDEX .BAS;01 005E 0019 6F  829A 8F09
 03 CMPTIM.BAS;01 0077 0022 3A  829A 9354
 03 RANK  .BAS;01 0099 0019 19  829A 8EB3
 03 CHISQR.RND;01 00B2 0012 80  0006 0130
 03 T     .RND;01 00C4 000C 80  0006 0090
 03 NORMAL.RND;01 00D0 0004 80  0002 00A8
 01 <FREE SPACE>  00D4 00BC