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   To run the program, type: RUN MORSE. It will prompt you
for the name of the file to use as input, the speed in the
range 1 - 255, and the spacing between characters which should
be 2 for standard timing. You can choose a high speed and a
large spacing to hear the characters as they will sound at
a fast transmission rate, but still give yourself plenty of
time to work out what they are.
   This file can be used as input to the Morse Code Practise
program. Both upper and lower case letters can be used, as
well as a number of punctuation characters. Control characters,
less than 20 hex, and some other special characters are sent
as spaces. This enables the line-feed and carriage return at
the end of a line to act a breaks. The text is sent almost
exactly as it appears, and any type of file can be used for
   The following special characters are presently included:
       . , ? = : ; / -
Others will be added as necessary.
   It may occassionally happen with a long file that a word
will be split up because of a disk access. This is unavoidable.
   The speed can be varied dynamically by using the up-arrow
and down-arrow keys to increase and decrease speed. The
current speed is displayed on the screen. Speed is only changed
at the end of a character so as not to destroy the timing of
the character.
   Sending can be temporarily suspended by hitting the BREAK
key. Likewise, the output is suspended only at the end of a
character. Hit any other character to resume sending.
   The ESCAPE key can be used to abort the program at any time.