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----- disk label ----

AIR RAID (16K) 990019
1. Air Raid.  This is no drill, you've got radar confirmation:
enemy bombers carrying nuclear weapons are approaching
with fighter escorts.  Man the anti-aircraft gun -- your
country is depending on you to bring them down!
2. Race.  Drive as fast as you can, but don't smash into the
walls!  Up to four players can compete, or race against
the clock.
3. Quintominoes.  Fitting the pieces of this puzzle together
is hard enough when you're playing by yourself, but when
you've got an opponent to play against, good luck.
4. Rover Robot.  Will Rover find a path to safety?  He can
provide limited informatoin about the dangers that lie
ahead, but it's up to you to decide his path -- and fate!

----- disk directory ----

Volume Name: AI0180
Volume Directory Blocks: 3

 03 MENU  .BAS;01 0003 000F 80  829A 8A1A
 03 AIR   .PRG;01 0012 000F 80  9000 9000
 03 RACE  .BAS;01 0021 001E 25  829A 913F
 03 QUINT .BAS;01 003F 002C 2F  829A 9849
 03 QUINT .DSP;01 006B 0020 80  7000 7000
 03 ROVER .BAS;01 008B 0040 2F  829A A249
 01 <FREE SPACE>  00CB 00C5