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Bounce 990025
1. Bounce.  Here's a real game of skill for one or two players.
Score points by hitting targets in an adjoining court.  Just
getting into this court is a trick in itself!  Pick as bouncy
a ball as you want, then throw it from as high -- and as fast --
as you want to.  Careful, though -- you lose points if your
ball comes to rest on a penalty spot.
2. Battleship.  Seek and destroy the enemy fleet!  Challenge a
friend to this computer version of the popular pen and pencil
game, or try your luck against Compucolor's naval forces.
3. Slither.  Can you out-maneuver your opponent's "creature" and
and score the most points? Slither into a yellow box and score
points.  Don't let your tail drag, though.  You lose points if
you run into your tail, the wall or your opponent.
For 1 or 2 players.

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Volume Name: BO071480
Volume Directory Blocks: 3

 03 MENU  .BAS;01 0003 000E 4B  829A 8965
 03 BOUNCE.BAS;01 0011 0032 75  829A 9B8F
 03 BSHIP .BAS;01 0043 003F 42  829A A1DC
 03 SLIT  .BAS;01 0082 0023 67  829A 9401
 01 <FREE SPACE>  00A5 00EB