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Sharks (8k) 990018
1. Sharks.  Your midnight swim turns into a nightmare when
you spot a shark's fin cutting through the waves.  Frantically
you swim for your life, but yur splashing attracts even more
sharks.  The longer you evade the sharks in this interactive
game the higher your score.  There is no winning, just see how
long you can survive.
2. Towers.  Restacking the tower seems simple enough, but try it
-- it's a real challenge.  Or watch Compucolor II Play and
"learn from a master."
3. Kalah.  Planning ahead is what this ancient Indian game is all
about.  Originally played with stones and pits dug into the
ground, you can play without getting your fingernails dirty!
Play a friend or match wits with teh Compucolor II.
4. Mill.  A game of stretegy for two players.  If your motives
are too obvious, you'll wind up losing.  Outwit and capture
your opponent by following one simple rule: play sneaky!

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Volume Name: SH0180
Volume Directory Blocks: 3

 03 MENU  .BAS;01 0003 0022 35  829A 934F
 03 MOVE  .PRG;01 0025 0001 2B  9000 9000
 03 SHARK .PRG;01 0026 0013 80  8200 8200
 03 TOWERS.BAS;01 0039 0012 3A  829A 8B54
 03 KALAH .BAS;01 004B 0021 05  829A 929F
 03 MILL  .BAS;01 006C 001D 0A  829A 90A4
 01 <FREE SPACE>  0089 0107