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Shoot (16K) 990026
1. Shoot.  Be the first to knock out our opponent's artillery.  Both
armies are down to their last cannon, so your decisions on firing
angle and blast force are crucial to winning.
2. 15 Puzzle. This is a modern version of a 100 year old game.  The
object is to move the 15 numbers to arrange them in a numerical order.
3. Hyper. You'd better act fast in this real time space game because
the enemy has already engaged you. Try different degrees of difficulty
by changing the number and type of enemy.
4. Seawar. Dive, Dive, Dive! Enemy ships have been spotted. Use your
arsenal of torpedoes to destroy the enemy fleet.  Be careful!
Some of the ships are on your side.

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Volume Name: SO0280
Volume Directory Blocks: 3

 03 MENU  .BAS;01 0003 0010 1C  829A 8A36
 03 SHOOT .BAS;01 0013 0012 76  829A 8B75
 03 15PUZZ.BAS;01 0025 002F 48  829A 99E2
 03 HYPER .BAS;01 0054 003A 2E  829A 9F29
 03 SEAWAR.PRG;01 008E 0016 80  9000 9000
 01 <FREE SPACE>  00A4 00EC