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Swarms! (16K) 990023
1. Swarms.  Your assignment is to rid the land of killer
bees with the arsenal provided for you by the Compucolor II.
2. Human Reaction Timer.  Test your ability for high speed
instant recall.
3. Reverse the Number.  Put your logic to the test with this
number sequence game.  You'll have to be able to visualize
all possible combinations as you put the digits into their
proper order.
4. Roulette.  Just like Las Vegas!  Bet on even, odd, red,
columns, or pick your own lucky number. The Compucolor II
will spin the wheel and record your winnings.
5. Capture the Alien.  Try to isolate the invader without
coming too close.  Actual contact could be deadly!

----- disk directory ----

Volume Name: SW1179
Volume Directory Blocks: 3

 03 MENU  .BAS;01 0003 0010 01  829A 8A1B
 03 SWARMS.BAS;01 0013 004F 39  829A A9D3
 03 REVRSE.BAS;01 0062 0009 70  829A 870A
 03 TIMER .BAS;01 006B 0019 03  829A 8E9D
 03 ROULET.BAS;01 0084 0015 26  829A 8CC0
 03 TABLE .DIS;01 0099 0020 80  7000 7000
 03 ALIEN .BAS;01 00B9 0013 48  829A 8BE2
 01 <FREE SPACE>  00CC 00C4